Unmask Me Course: 8 weeks exploring Neurodivergent intimacy

Give yourself the freedom to unmask & release your intimacy fears

Put down all the stress and strain of masking in romantic and intimate situations.

Come and playfully investigate your unique neurodivergent self and what intimacy really means for you.

So many of us struggle to understand – let alone express – our intimate needs.

Together, in Unmask Me, we lovingly explore why we mask, especially in romantic relationships. 

Learn how to understand yourself on your own terms and to comfortably share you needs and desires with your partner(s).

We celebrate who you are and how you experience pleasure.

Unmask Me is a life-changing online course specifically for neurodivergent people, especially autistic folks and/or those with ADHD, and co-presentations such as RSD, PDA, and synesthesia. 

4th September - 23rd October 2024

Imagine if authentic intimacy were easy peasy?

Ahhhh…imagine if thinking about intimacy and sex makes you smile rather than tense up

You feel comfortable and at home in your body

You feel naturally your gorgeous, goofy, playful self

It’s easy to explain how you like being touched 

You eagerly express what you really enjoy.

That's probably not how you're feeling now...

Urgh…even thinking about sex stresses you out

It brings back memories of being called fussy or difficult to please

And even when you do work out what you do like, you struggle to explain it effectively

Together, we can change all this, and help you safely unmask your glorious sensual self!

How will I benefit from doing Unmask Me?

The aim is to have a palpable sense of belonging and comfort in your own body. From this calm space of peace and trust, you can then consciously choose how you navigate your intimate relationships.

What do I get in this Unmask Me course?

Unmask Me has been meticulously designed to provide you with the absolute best information, tools, and techniques, to support you unmasking in as safe and supportive environment possible. 

I've worked with dozens (hundreds?) of neurodivergent folks just like you

And I’d really love to help you too.

Let me make something clear: you are not alone in struggling with sex and intimacy.

As a neurodivergent person, it’s easy to assume you are the problem. You’re not sexy enough, or normal enough, or [insert generic attractive trait here] enough…

You are absolutely not the problem. Even your masking isn’t the problem. Masking is a natural form of self-protection. It was the best tool you had available at the time.

Let me show you ways to understand why you mask and other, hopefully better, ways you can feel safe and have more meaingful and enjoyable intimacy connections.

Unmask Me Course is the very best of what I have to offer and what has been tried and tested with my neurodivergent clients over the years. 

I’m a multi-certified Intimacy Coach, Psychosexual and Relationship Psychotherapist, and academic researcher. And I’m on a mission to make sex and intimacy a whole lot more fun and enjoyable, especially for neurodivergent people like us. 

Unmask Me is for you, if you...

  • Are self- or clinically- diagnosed with autism/ADHD or other neurodivergent labels
  • Want to unmask your sensual self 
  • Are ready to explore and express more of yourself
  • Can self-regulate & care for yourself during the webinars
  • Are LGBTQIA+, poly, gender diverse or part of any other minority community  

Unmask Me is not for you, if you...

  • If you’re looking for 1-2-1 psychosexual or relationship therapy
  • Don’t feel safe to unmask yet (and that’s totally ok) 
  • Are neurotypical (this isn’t for partners of neurodivergent people)
  • Are uncomfortable in a queercentric space with LGBTQIA+, poly, gender diverse people 

4th September - 23rd October 2024

Unmask Me Course Content

Before we start

You Are Not Alone
Complete the Unmask Me Intimacy Inventory to set your own intimacy benchmark

Week 1

Introduction To Intimacy
What do we really know about neurodivergent intimacy and why we mask?

Week 2

Your Unique Sexy Sensory Profile
Explore ways to understand your sensory processing and which of your senses you savour most.

Week 3

Feeling Chosen & Belonging
What we need to feel safe before we can begin to unmask

Week 4

Bravely Unmasking
Practical steps and techniques to help you be your most deliciously authentic sensual you

Week 5

Mental Health, Meds & Libido
What we know about libido, neurodivergence, MH & hormonal meds, and how to talk about it all

Week 6

Touching Me, Touching You
Tons of tools and techniques to talk about and encourage consensual touch & intimate connection

Week 7

Sexuality & Relationship Styles
Exploring what gets you going in terms of attraction, sexuality & relationship styles

Week 8

Celebrating your unique sensuality!
Revisit your Intimacy Inventory and revel in your unmaking progress


Until we start!

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Frequently asked questions

No, but the Unmask Me Course has been designed by and for neurodivergent people, so it is neurodivergent-centric. 

Hell no, honeybunch! This is an inclusive space whether you’re self-diagnosed or have a piece of paper with someone else’s diagnosis on it.

No, the Unmask Me Course has been specifically designed so you can gain all the benefits of participating without sharing with strangers. 

You can use any name or nickname you chose in the webinars. 

Yes, each ticket includes all the webinars and activities, as well as access to recordings. 

Sign up using the form above as scholarship tickets will be released with the early bird tickets. So keep an eye out for those emails.

Yes, as Unmask Me is as much about your relationship with yourself as with others. 

Also, my definition of intimacy is much broader than sex and certainly than just penetration.

Not at all, your life, your choice! Unmask Me is here to help you better understand yourself.

For anything else, please email therapy@intimata.com.